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MOUSSE the Dessert Kingdom’s premier socialite. Always included on the guest lists to the Kingdom’s most sophisticated soirées and functions, any event without Mousse is hardly one worth mentioning. Highly affable and charmingly carefree, her light and airy disposition puts all desserts at ease. Glamour and stardom, however, are only the beginning of Mousse’s story. Mousse’s celebrity status has given her access to the secretive world of the Kingdom’s most elite desserts, and with it an unparalleled understanding of their private quarrels and frailties. She keeps careful track of each personality she encounters in the course of her many social engagements, and has skillfully drawn herself into a position of influence with many of the Kingdom’s most powerful. Mousse knows that such information must be used judiciously, but senses that a time may come when her formidable collection of secrets may alter the course of the Kingdom’s destiny…

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