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...speaks for the Royal Family. When Cake or Pie has a proclamation to issue, it is Tiramisu who communicates their message to the world. His guile and clever tongue are unmatched within the Kingdom’s borders, and even the most devastating news delivered in the silky, dulcet tones of Tiramisu seems somehow sweet. Eccentric, and too clever for his own good, Tiramisu loves hatching plans and implementing madcap schemes, frequently for no other purpose than satisfying his own curiosity. The many layers of his mind are always tinkering with fantastic new ideas, but most end up being half-baked in practice. While Tiramisu is loyal to the King, he often feels that Cake is too simplistic and crude in his governance of the Kingdom. Tiramisu yearns to be more than a mouthpiece for the Monarchy, and hopes that his self-proclaimed brilliance will one day be properly recognized. Easily blinded by his ego, Tiramisu can be successfully manipulated by any who know his weaknesses. Consequently, Tiramisu may one day find himself an unwitting accessory to a larger plot not of his own design…

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