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Within the shadowy depths of the Dessert Kingdom’s underbelly there exists a mysterious organization whose loyalty lies not with the Monarchy, but rather with the highest bidder. Here, where the rule of law is weak and the words of Cake and Pie fail to reach, the forgotten members of society seek the assistance of an organization known only as the Gelato Syndicate. Far more than petty criminals, Gelato members have slowly churned through the Kingdom and have established themselves as premier suppliers of illicit goods and services.

While these nefarious activities have not passed unnoticed to the Royal authorities, stopping them is no easy task. Ice Cream, arch-nemesis of the Gelato Syndicate, tracks and combats the organization at every turn, but is often outwitted. The artisanal sophistication of Gelato members routinely confounds Ice Cream agents, who were never trained to deal with desserts as slippery and flavorful as themselves.

The identity of the Gelato Syndicate’s leader is a subject of great speculation and many rumors throughout the Kingdom. Whoever they are, some believe their ambitions for the Syndicate may be more expansive than profit alone…

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