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… are the royal civil servants of the Kingdom. The decrees of Pie and Cake do not implement themselves, and so it is left to the Kingdom’s vast network of administrators to see to their smooth (and creamy) execution. Jolly, and always striving to do their very best, puddings and custards take pride in working with everyday desserts on behalf of the Monarchy. However, much to the chagrin of the Kingdom’s citizenry, puddings and custards suffer from three vexing flaws: they are poorly organized, they tend be indecisive, and they are easily burned under the heat of criticism. Asking them to act quickly to solve a problem is no easy task, and it is not uncommon for a cookie or pastry to seek recourse involving other, less reputable, desserts. If the frustration surrounding the Kingdom’s unresponsive bureaucracy ever reaches its tipping point, the Monarchy may find that law and order is not always so easy to maintain…

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